Yashica Mahajan was born on March 28th, 2010. In the year 2020, she began her career as a public speaker. As she prepares to leave school, she has a particular interest in becoming a public speaker. In the beginning, she would give a talk on how to overcome obstacles every Saturday at the Church Street venue.

Yashica’s goals include working in politics and competing for the title of Miss Universe 2028. She has decided that her 18th birthday will be the beginning of her career in politics. This inspired her to pursue a career as a speaker and motivational guru. Her father was the primary influence on her decision to pursue a career as a public speaker. Together with her father, she used to attend frequent events for public speakers and motivational speakers

Reading and singing are two of Yashica’s favourite hobbies. She really enjoys reading fairy tales and cooperative novels. Because of this, she has opted to enhance her abilities as a public speaker and give inspirational addresses to others. She aspires to be the best motivational speaker in the world, like Nick Vujicic and Oprah Winfrey.

Motivation Speaker and Trainer

Yashica is a young inspiring speaker and performance coach whose work has sparked positive change amongst a wide range of audiences, from schoolers to executives at Nobel Prize–winning corporations.

I am the Youngest Motivational Speaker & Kids Model

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Mission : Miss Universe 2028

She is well-known for her skill in designing workshops that encourage audience participation. Participants benefit from her abilities to lead thought-provoking workshops with humorous and topical anecdotes and innovative exercises.


Webinars that are enlightening, life-altering, and inspiring to schools and colleges.

 Yashica Mahajan is a youthful, motivated, and inspirational speaker for kids. She is dedicated to helping the next generation of children succeed academically and morally.

Training for Corporate

Experience and Transform is a set of innovative seminars and workshops that are meant to change the lives of the people who take part. 

With Indian clientele, Yashica began her career as a motivational and inspirational speaker. She develops keynote addresses, interactive workshops, and a wide range of bespoke programmes on issues like leadership, team building, innovation, sales motivation, entrepreneurship, and youth motivation.

Tool for Youth Empowerment

She has made it her mission to use YouTube to encourage young people to get in touch with their inner selves so they can live more genuine, purposeful lives. Yashica kept up her work as a youth motivational speaker in both the business sphere and with children and teenagers.

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