We’ve compiled a list of some of the best motivational classes available to help get you fired up.


Topics – 2 Hours Sessions


Topics – 2 Hours Sessions


Topics- 1 Day training

Schools – 2 Hours Sessions


1. Core Morals and Values of Life.

2. The art of persuasion, including ways to improve public speaking, communication skills, body language, and attitude.

3. Steps to take to enter the professional world successfully.

4. How confidently to deal in the professional world?

5. Career development programs & mentoring on how to find your passionate career?

Colleges– 2 Hours Sessions


1. How can one successfully handle job interviews?

2. Guidelines for making a successful career transition professionally.

Corporate – 1 Day training

L.I.C company-> 1 Day training


1. The Art of Selling Insurance.

2. Techniques for Influencing and Persuading Clients.

3. How can one get more comfortable speaking in front of large audiences as a public speaker?

4. How one sign up for the 4AM Club, and what are the benefits of doing so?